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Animal Kingdom
Animals, animals everywhere. Real ones and statues of ones and costumes as ones. It's all at Animal Kingdom where creatures big and small are on display for visitors to check out by foot and vehicle. Walk through the exhibits or go on a safari and catch poachers, Animal Kingdom has something for everyone. And yes, there's a parade, too!
Check out pics and vids of the shows, the rides and the parade. JB once again gets soaked on an amusement ride.
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Day 3 was a late start. It was supposed to be breakfast at the hotel and Animal Kingdom by noon. I got stuck at the hotel arranging interviews for next week's show. Breakfast got scrapped and arrival at the park was late. Much to my surprise (and delight) there's a restaurant at AK that sells very few things but at least my two favourites -- caesar salad and pizza!
Are you ready for a bunch of cool Animal Kingdom videos? We've got footage of the Lion King and a very competitive audience sing-off. The characters from the hit Disney movie teach the crowd a song. Check it out!