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Magic Disney moments
The first part of our Orlando journey -- and where we did Top of The Charts show from -- is Disney's Magic Kingdom. There's Splash Mountain and lots of thrilling rides that I finally got the courage to go on. Come to think of it, I went on Splash Mountain twice. Oh yeah, the camera stopped working on round 1 so I needed to work up the nerves to go again to get the vid (so enjoy it!) Take a look at the sights and sounds from around Magic Kingdom and tune into Charts for a recap and interviews from the theme park.
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Visitors to Magic Kingdom are surprised throughout the day when spontaneous fireworks displays light up the sky. (Sometimes they even happen on live radio!) Stay tuned to hear JB get scared by some boomers.
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With so many families on vacation and checking out the Disney attractions, there's several areas dedicated to stroller parking.
JB drives a racecar, goes for a splash and enjoys a good ol' Disney parade.